Promoting Early European Photography

Promoting Early European Photography (PEEP) – funded by Grundtvig


This 2-year adult learning project links Iceland, Slovakia and the United Kingdom.

In October 2010 a launch workshop held in Slovakia included old photographs of the High Tatras region. A touring exhibition celebrating the life of Milan Rastislav Stefanik was organised by the Slovak Astronomical Society.


In October 2011 the second workshop held in Iceland included a demonstration of wet-plate colloidon photography and old photographs of the Icelandic fishing tradition – courtesy of Hafnarfjörður Museum.


In March 2012 the final workshop in the UK included an exhibition at The National Waterfront Museum, Swansea with 100 photographs beginning with 1850s work at Penllergare and continuing to 1930s trawlers fishing in arctic waters.

Staff & learners voted for 5 images from each country to produce a final 15 early european photographs. TSI would like to acknowledge the following groups who have supported our use of these images:

Hafnarfjörður Museum - Anna Jónsdóttir / Guðbjartur Ásgeirsson / W. H. Friis - images c.1905 - 1930


Unknown photographer: Discoverers of the Belianska cave – Ján Britz, Augustín Kalstein, Imrich Verbovský, 1882

Property of Prešov region - Podtatranské Museum in Poprad

Photographer: Alfréd Grosz: Spinners on the yard / Cattlemanc /
 Hunters of Duke Hohenlohe from Javorina on bear chase, c.1930s

Property of Prešov region – Museum in Kežmarok

Hereford Museum - archive of Robert Jones & Thomas Henry Winterbourn - images c.1875-1910
Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales - John Dillwyn Llewelyn - image of Penllergare Observatory c.1858 


Iceland - Family group

Icelandic trawlerman

Iceland - Trawlerman

Iceland -Trawler crew enjoying meal

Icelandic family

Iceland - home celebration

Slovakia - High Tatras mountaineers (1882)

Slovakia - High Tatras ladies spinning (1930)

Slovakia - High Tatras cattleman (1930)

Slovakia - High Tatras hunting party (1930)

Slovakia - Milan Rastislav Stefanik (1915)

UK - Early travelling photographers

UK - Amy Winterbourn

UK - Coach building in Leominster

UK - High wheeler cycling club

UK - Penllergare Observatory (1858)


Picture of the week

Hereford FC Thistle


Jack Sharp of Hereford FC Thistle holding shield in 1897 .... he went on to play football for Everton & England .... and cricket for Lancashire & England.

Image 0511 from the VIEW+ archive .... taken by Thomas Henry Winterbourn .... courtesy of Hereford Museum.

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